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luhan and the trophy


minseok and the hard life of.... junmyeon's butt ;;

he looks genuinely interested lol

this week was a good week for Exo and the fandom 

Translation: Chinese news article on post 90’s generation and their idols (EXO predominate)

[Before the interview, our post 80’s reporter already researched extensively on baidu and weibo on current idols, but when he went to interview these students, he still found himself stranded in a totally unfamiliar world.

11 year old Zhang is a 6th grade student: “Everybody likes to talk about EXO, especially girls, we like to compare who’s the most handsome, who sings best, who dances the best. But my favorite idol group is Timez, because they have really good songs”

"How do you write the group name?" The reporter is confused

The young girl quickly wrote “TIMEZ” on a sheet of paper. This is an idol group composed of 4 Chinese members and 2 Korean members, their EP is called “Hooray for Idols”

16 year old Yang is a high school sophomore, she said the group that is most frequently discussed between her classmates is EXO. Her favorite is Luhan, “He has such a resilient personality, I’m really impressed by his ability to live by himself in a foreign country.” Luhan is one of the members in EXO. This 1990 born Chinese boy is currently promoting his career in Korea. Not too long ago, he made a legendary headlines: his weibo username is M鹿M, he only made 5 posts, but he got more than 100,000 likes, there was even a post without any content, and that one made the record of a single post receiving more than 1,250,000 comments. 

Among the 50 students who were interviewed, 45 told reporter that in between classes, all they talked about were Korean idols, they all can sing a few songs by their idols as well. Despite the fact that they don’t speak Korean at all, it did not deter them from learning the ways of the repeating parrot. The most commonly mentioned idol is EXO, the main factor that attracts these students is the “visual” factor: handsome, cool, stylish, dance well. Among the remaining 5 students, 3rd grader Z is still infatuated with cartoons, her favorite is the queen from a popular anime, the other 4 students like American, European, and Japanese stars, such as Justin Bieber and Mao Inoue. The most unique one is middle schooler Lou who said “these idols are all too immature, I like Green Bay Packer’s Brett Favre, he got so many MVPs, he’s the real hero.”]

 t/n: holy crap I knew Luhan’s weibo was popular but I had no idea that it was that popular!  Creating world records here… and LOLOL Brett Favre in the same article with EXO? Thought i’d never see that X-D 


That is one sexy unicorn.

yes please~


why is lay so cute?!

okay how much? can I buy the desert and the desert-maker Lay in one package?

Yixing sneaks over to Joonmyun who goes “Lay-sshi, Lay-sshi” & asks him to speak

and he gets the ritualistic ear picking too :>


cr: Raye

what sehun thinks about dating older women

Translation: Fan account 130823 MBC Star Diving Splash

[Translation of 130823 MBC Star DIving Splash fan accounts : 1) Tao came out wearing a red bathrobe, inside he wore a black swimming trunk about mid-thigh length. 2) Tao introduced himself, he spoke korean with a baby voice, SJ’s Kangin was very nice and tried to translate for Tao, Tao said he’s very nervous but he’ll try hard and thanked everybody. 3) During Tao’s interview, MC said it seems like Tao didn’t understand fully, Kangin kept on helping, but Tao still gave unrelated answers. Tao answered “it’s okay it’s okay” MC asked “who’s your competitor, what’s okay?” Then Kangin tried to explain again, Tao finally said “everybody is my competition” 4) At the end MC asked Tao to wink, Tao winked cutely.]

the look of hunger from D.O. after SSTP

8/23/13 NEW POLL: You vs EXO

Since I know so much about EXO but very little of you guys, please describe yourself by choosing one of the options in the poll! Let me learn more about you using EXO as a standard for comparison :-D

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Do you write better than Kris? Well… it’s hard to say nowadays since we type so much. Write something right now and compareimage

Are you more creative than Baekhyun? You gotta admit that his light dance was pretty creative… even the updated 2013 version X-D Could you come up with something like this?


Do you look younger than Xiumin? Even though Baozi lost a lot of weight for this comeback, he still looks like he was born yesterday. Do you have the fountain of youth too?


Are you creepier than D.O.? Just look at this… have you ever been this creepy even with your scariest Halloween costume? 


Are you manlier than Luhan? Princess Lulu insisted that he is a manly man, maybe that’s why he wears sleeveless so often, look at dem gunz! However, he still has a pretty face, maybe it’s not too hard to look manlier than Lulu.


Are you cheesier than Suho? Being the “ahjumma” of EXO, Suho’s bound to have some cheesy moves that make you cringe (with love). Do you catch yourself having this much cheese sometimes?


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On the POLL I posted on 8/15/13 asking you guys which EXO dancing machine is your favorite one, you guys were asked to choose between Lay, Kai, Kris, Chanyeol, Chen, and Suho…

well, of the 410 votes casted:

39% picked smooth unicorn Lay! Ah, I totally predicted this! Lay’s suave and precise moves are so refreshing and easy on the eyes. He’s a dimpled cutie pie off stage, but as soon as the music is turned on, this manly seductive suddenly appears without warning… you can literally hear ovaries exploding all over the world for our dear Laynicon. He is a hard worker who puts in 150% in everything he does. What’s there not to love? Besides, how can you resist not picking this —-> 

21% chose sexing machine Kai! As one of the best dancers not only in EXO, but also in kpop, Kai’s skillz are to be reckoned with! What I love about Kai’s style is that when he dances, he incorporates that extra oomph transforms the entire routine into a flowing kinetic story, he just has this carefree yet powerful style that cannot be easily imitated. Plus, his expressions are to dieeeee for —>

19% preferred the one and only Chensing machine! Oh man where to begin… I’m totally LMAO (RLAB) right now. Chen certainly has proven his value to EXO - his dancing skillz (and his trollin’ skills) are certainly forces to be reckoned with! X-D Chenchen has definitely earned our laughter and votes with his adorkable personality~

If you remember from MAMA era… the whole Chen dancing machine meme started with this gif

look how far he’s progressed! Aren’t you impressed? :D

Suho ended up on the very bottom with only 4% of the total votes. Aww looks like big mama will have to try harder next time. LOL Maybe he can go further with the sexy style and try After School’s pole dance since he was such a natural with Sistar’s routine. hahahah Btw, would you guys have voted for him if I put up this gif? XDDDD