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DEEPLY MOVED BY LAY! Part 3 (fan accounts)

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Translated this account from a staff of zhangyixing baidu bar who was studying abroad in Korea and was the frontline person to deliver Lay’s birthday presents and cake

Here are some excerpts that really moved me:

[…When I came out of the taxi, it was already 9:48pm (they were supposed to meet at 9). There were only 3 people waiting for stars outside the SM building. Hoping that maybe Lay was still practicing, I sat on the other side of the SM building while I waited. Suddenly a girl came over and asked me in Chinese “I see that you are holding a cake, are you waiting for Lay as well?” I said yes. So we waited for him together while we chatted about how we became Lay’s fan. I was more envious of her, she said she started liking Lay while she was waiting for other stars. She came here often, last time she saw Lay was 3 months ago. She asked me how long have I known Lay, embarrassed, I told her that even though I had connections with him for being the forum staff, I haven’t seen him in person yet, and he doesn’t know who I am.

It was already 10:30pm, a guy came out from SM’s back door. Lay? He saw us and smiled, I knew it was him. In order to get Lay’s attention, I started speaking in Changsha dialect, Lay seemed really happy “Ah, hometown dialect. It feels really good to hear hometown dialect in Korea.” He then said that the presents and cake are too heavy for us to carry so he’ll carry them. He first helped carry the other girl’s, then he carried mine. He kept on repeating words of thanks, and joked that he was worried that he won’t be able to eat cake, but he didn’t know that he would receive two today. Then we started chatting.

Lay: “How long has it been since I saw you last time? 1 month? 2 months?”

Other girl: “no, it’s been 3 months.”

Lay: “really, I feel like it hasn’t been that long”

Other girl: “see, I have been on vacation for 2 months, now it’s already 1 month into a new semester…”

Lay: “I came at 9:00pm by the building front, nobody was here, so I thought maybe you were late. Then I waited 5 min there, also went to the front door and opened it, there were still no one there, so I went back to the studio to practice dance for a little while. Later I came out and still there were nobody here, so I left. Halfway home, I was worried that you guys might’ve came late and could be waiting for me, so I came back to the company again…”

Embarrassed, I told him about my problem with the lost taxi driver, and said “aiya, I’m really embarrassed…” I felt that I didn’t have enough reasons to continue explaining myself. I’m really sorry that I made you worried, Lay.
Lay: “alright, let’s go to that convenience store, we can’t stand here for too long…”

Then we chatted while we walked over to a convenience store close by the SM building, and went up to the balcony. The stairway to the balcony was very narrow, Lay walked behind us, when we walked up the stairs he repeatedly told us to be careful and don’t fall down. I started telling him about the things being discussed right now on his forum. While signing autographs, Lay apologized, “my handwriting isn’t really that great. I don’t know what to write, I only know how to sign my name.” In order to make him feel less worried about everybody judging him on his handwriting, I joked “we liked you for so long, we all know what your handwriting looks like. hahaha, it’s alright.” Later we took some pictures, and I asked him about his health (note: Lay has a coagulation/bleeding disorder, it was revealed in one of the essays he wrote back in the days). Lay actually said “Before I was feeling a little too exhausted, but the problem wasn’t too serious, it was because I danced for too long. After I rested for a week, now I’m all back to normal, so I started practicing little by little again.” I didn’t know what to say, so I said “when you are away from home, your health is the most important. you need to take good care of yourself, don’t get injured again.”


In the middle of our chat, I got a text from TangTang telling me to treat Lay to a meal and that they will reimburse me. He saw the text and laughed “I really didn’t expect you all to prepare these presents for me. I feel very content with the cake already. Before when I celebrated my birthday, I just had dinner with my grandparents. Today you guys gave me so many gifts, I am really really really thankful. Right now I don’t have any money, if I had money I would treat you guys to a meal. It wouldn’t be that you guys are discussing about treating me to a meal. I really want to apologize, to receive all these presents from you guys, but I cannot give you anything in return. How about I buy you some soda? I can still afford sodas.” Of course I told him it’s alright, that he didn’t have to buy me soda. In Korea, a bottle of soda is quite expensive, just a can is around 6rmb. Right now he hasn’t debuted, so he doesn’t have any sources of income. I don’t even buy sodas myself often because I feel like they are too expensive. After chatting with him, I really felt like he was extraordinary. Presents are just necessary gifts, it’s not like they are being given everyday, today is his birthday after all! He just looked so genuinely appreciative, and kept saying thanks repeatedly. I told Lay “These presents are just here to show you our support, it’s really nothing. You know everyone is just waiting for you to debut soon.” He smiled happily and said “Me too, I hope I can debut soon.”


Afterwards, we told him happy birthday and walked down the stairs from the balcony and parted to our separate ways. Before we became 2 meters part, Lay suddenly turned around and spoke loudly to us “Be careful when you guys go home. I hope you guys will be be forever cheerful, content, and happy. Today, thank you guys very much.”]

source: zms_zjy@baidu

p.s. omg, the part about him apologizing for not having money is so touching~ T.T I hope he can get whatever he wants now!

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