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EXO Biases Poll Results

EXO biases poll results 7/26/2012 (700 unique voters)


There are so many things that make us appreciate an idol. Sometimes it’s just that one simple or even weird characteristic of an idol that makes our hearts flutter and our lips automatically curve upwards. Whatever it is, we each have our own bias list… who is on top of your list? 

Kris is undoubtedly the crowd-pleaser here, Lu Han is the next favorite, followed closely by Lay and Chan Yeol. Each of them won fans with either their performances, perfect faces, quirky personalities or pure determination. Clearly, they are EXO’s top breadwinners.

Xiu Min, Su Ho and Chen took the bottom three, probably because EXO is over-saturated with so many top-quality idols; everybody is so perfect that you might not notice these boys immediately. However, they each radiate magnetic charms that may take awhile to warm up to, but once you notice them you cannot appreciate them enough! EXO definitely cannot exist without Xiu Min’s cute bun face, Chen’s amazing soaring voice and Su Ho’s superior leadership. 

(note: I understand that there is a selection bias in this poll since voters are mostly my blog followers and I do feature Kris in many of my posts :P But this is just for fun~! Don’t take it seriously =^.^=)

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