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KCON 2012 Fan Account Part 1

In short: The convention was fun. Felt cheated during the autograph part… but the concert was one of the best! Love EXO-M even more now, and developed new love for the other groups~~~ pictures to follow later!

Long version:
= Part 1= Convention
Everybody was fashionably dressed. Saw some clever cosplay costume (such as the yellow suit from gangnam style) but it must’ve been really hot for them! I was burning up in my lightweight dress… imagine wearing a suit, long pants, or thick jackets! Apparently there was a Lay look-alike walking around cosplaying at Lay too. But we were so busy figuring out fansign stuff that we missed him. There were some parents with their elementary school aged kids as well. haha starting the kpop craze early!

As soon as we got there, we lined up for merchandise because we promised some fanboy friends that we’d get them 4minute and G.Na autographs… lol and oh boy were we ever wrong….! First of all, the merchandise line was more packed than a Japanese subway train. People kept on cutting from left and right so even though we were a few people away from the cash register, it still took a lonnng time. Then we found out from a fanboy who looked like Kai that that only the first 100 with fansign voucher can get stuff signed. OMG After we got out, we headed straight for the artist signing booth. NU’EST was already half way through with their Q&A session. We weren’t planning to get NU’EST autographs so we didn’t feel too bad. Some people were leaving from the crowd so we followed their paths and got to the frontal half of the tent. I saw a lot of Baekho from my angle, and Ren was really noticeable with his blonde hair so I kept on looking over there as well :P Ren also got the loundest cheers. They are just as cute in person as I had expected. Younger appearing too. In music videos and performances they give off the manly sexy vibe, in person during the Q&A they appeared simply as cute and innocent high school boys. Just make you want to hug them and pet their heads. Aron did most of the talking. Minhyun’s Optimus Prime imitation was hilarious. My friend who was new to NU’EST thought he was the cutest, I thought JR looked the best while sitting up there.

I wanted a B.A.P. autograph as well so I was trying to find out how to acquire those vouchers. We were right up there at the fansign line but were disappointed to find out that the vouchers were being distributed elsewhere at random places by random staff members. The whole idea was a huge “WTF.” Nothing made sense. The staff members kept on sending us to various locations so we practically walked around the entire convention area multiple times without much success. By then, the mission seemed futile so we just decided to line up early to see the boys instead. All the Babys were super enthusiastic, some were talking about their EXO biases while waiting in line. Lol! There was a little bit shoving and squeezing, but it wasn’t too bad. My friend and I are relatively tall so at least we got to enjoy the occasional breeze that swept over our heads. Haha. We came near the front and we got a good view of B.A.P. The boys came on and the scene became a little bit more frantic, in addition to that, it was really hot and everyone was shedding crazy sweat. My friend became lightheaded so she left to wait for me outside. The boys came in their adorable yellow stage costumes and seemed to be in really good spirits. Bang Yong Guk’s voice was super sexy in person, as expected, and Himchan looked extremely handsome, more so than he did in photoshoots. His side was less congested(I guess the other 5 boys were slow at signing), so I took a bunch if pictures of Himchan just sitting there waiting. XD I was closer to his side so I just kept looking at him too. Zelo got the loudest cheers and he seemed like he was enjoying himself alot.

After B.A.P. there was Vixx, to be honest, we didn’t really know them that well… So we just stood on the side to watch the Q&A. The boys looked handsome, and did tons of fan service. We were laughing the entire time.

After witnessing the insane crowd… We figured that it would be impossible to acquire G.Na’s vouchers to get my fanboy friends posters signed, so our mission now became exploring the other booths and at the same time look for EXO-M vouchers. Just as we were walking past the glass walls with everybody’s signatures on it, we ran into Simon and Martina! It was really unexpected, I just kinda turned around and Simon was right in front of me holding a huge camera. I don’t know if he was actively filming or not, but I l hope not, because I was right in front of his filming zone and looked like a flustered deer in headlights by the unexpected run-in. i waved hi and immediately pulled out my phone and snapped a few pictures of him. Martina followed close by, trailed by a group of fan girls/boys. They were both surprisingly tall! I guess it was because we’ve gotten so used to watching them from the overhead camera angle that I thought I would be looking down at them in person too. XD The next hour or so was just spent signing up for offers at different booths and getting goodies, people watching, food-eating (btw, everything was overpriced and they did NOT taste good either, bleh)

It was getting closer to EXO-M time and we were still voucher-less. Realizing that we were not going to be meeting our biases face to face was the most heart-breaking moment… (excuse my extreme negativism in the upcoming paragraph, allow me to be a little angry Asian girl lol) I just don’t understand why the vouchers were passed out randomly. I understand that the staff was trying to avoid overly exuberant fangirl crowds for safety reasons but at least they should have informed us of this rule beforehand. Event organization was super messy, you just see mobs of fangirls running around frantically… It was a dirty low-blow to set our hopes up, sell all these merchandise, and do not carry through. My friend and I came all the way across so many states just for this one autograph chance that KCON promised us… ugh! Frustrated, angry, and tired…we went to line up to simply see EXO- M instead. Being in the super-hyped EXOtic crowd made us feel better. People were talking about their EXO biases again and some were going over all the inside jokes like “Ayo waddup Krease” and “Roll like a buffalo.” XD At least that was entertaining to watch. The MC started warning us about not pushing and not shoving, and made us step back a couple of times. To be honest, some fans there were a bit too crazy. First of all, it took awhile for the G.Na group to leave the tent because some of them wanted to stay on the front for EXO-M. Then the stepping back part was chaotic. At first we listened to the MCs and stepped back as we were told, but some fans simply used that opportunity to move ahead of us. I was getting a little frustrated because we were initially close to the front but all these stepping back and opportunistic people cutting in line landed us back in the middle of the crowd instead. I was already heartbroken from not being able to acquire a voucher, and I was not just about to watch my place getting replaced by line-cutters who do not obey the MC’s instructions too. So I stopped stepping back. Plus it was impossible to do anyways because people behind us were pushing forward. All in all, it was total chaos. My dress got dirty sweat stains from people’s arms and people’s hair were all over the place. I was riding in the crowd, at some point I wasn’t even sure if my feet were on the ground. LOL! MC threatened a couple of times of canceling the event, but I doubted that they would do it because a significantly more # of people would be angry… judging from the current situation, hell would break lose. Angry crowd is more of a fire-hazard than a lovestruck crowd.

Fast forward 10 something minutes, we managed to move up back to our original near-front spots again. We heard the screams from outside of the tent, and knew that EXO-M was about to come in. My heart was racing and I was getting my phone-cam ready to snap pictures. The next hour or so is a blur because I was totally mesmerized by EXO-M in person… now I know for certain that these perfect boys exist in 3D flesh form. They are no longer 2D images from my computer screen. forgive me if I forget any details. First Kris swiftly came on, followed by Lay, Xiumin, Luhan, Chen, and finally shy baby panda Tao. I was screaming so loud along with everybody that I wasn’t even sure what was going on at the moment. The boys looked extremely extremely handsome in person. Kris was tall and thin in his fitted jacket, he looked thinner and slimmer than I expected. His face is just as handsome as he appeared in pictures and he has reallllly smooth skin. He even looked in my direction a couple of times while he stood by his chair. I died every single time he looked over. I was standing on my toes the entire time (my calves weren’t even that tired because people from front, back, left, and right were holding me up lol) I was just taken aback by the fact that I was seeing my all time favorite idol since December 2011 in person from a relatively close distance. If you have been keeping track of the posts I’ve made, you know that Kris is my ultimate bias in EXO. I was totally mesmerized by Kris’ handsome features and sexy demeanor and friendly eyes. I didn’t take as many pictures of him that I had planned to because I was just fully enjoying the moment… Hearing Kris greet us in English, flashing his rare and cool smile was the best thing that has happened since the whole voucher let-down. Lay was being very gentle and polite beside Kris. He was also playful in that he stood up a couple of times to give us his infamous awkward heart pose. I also cracked up when he greeted us with a swag “What’s up” while everybody else said “hello” LOL Lay’s English pronunciation was perfect. He must have practiced a lot on the plane. But then again, his pronunciation in “My Girl” during his self-composing days were decent to begin with… so maybe he didnt have to practice that much. His skin was milky white as usual and omg his dimples!!!!! He was extremely adorable in person I just wanted to squeeze him! Luhan was being his usual cute self, smiling and nodding and being a kid the entire time. His English pronunciation was really good too. I could tell that they were burning up on the inside under all those jackets and tops. Luhan’s face was getting reallllly sweaty. Hahaha. Xiumin baozi was super happy. He looked like how he appeared in pictures. He had his signature smile on the whole time, and there were a lot of Xiuhan moments that I’m sure have been captured by everybody on their cameras. ;D. Chen was struggling with his English sentences, hahaha so cute! We found it so adorable that he was trying so hard. My friend, who was a new EXOtic, found Chen to be the cutest because she really liked his bright smile. He kept on waving and pointing at us fans and smiling/laughing, there were also a few Chentao moments. Chen was just a really warm person in general. Also, it is true that he’s evencuter in person than in photos. Lastly, it was Tao. he was really handsome in person, probably had the most contrast between in person and in photos out of all the members in my opinion. In photos he already looked good, but in person he gave off a shy, youthful, but sexy vibe that I can’t really describe. I didn’t expect to be swooned so much by Tao but I did~! His face was small, hair covering part of his dark and mysterious panda eyes, smooth skin, basically somebody whom you would do a quadruple-take if you passed him on the street. My friend thought Kris, Tao, and Chen were the cutest. But I, of course, for being a long-time EXOtic, was paralyzed by all of them. The fansign started so we couldn’t see much for the next 20 minutes or so. My phone also died (curse you Apple and the battery killer IOS6!!!!) I had to borrow my friend’s phone to snap pictures and videos because I was closer to stage than she was.I caught glimpse of them in between fans. Tao and Chen’s side were less congested so they were interacting with fans the most in between people. Half way through History started playing, and we all screammmmmed our hearts out! Lay and Luhan suddenly got up and started dancing to History in the middle of signing! Perfectly in sync, powerful, super manly. We screamed even louder in excitement. I’m sure the two fans in front of them got massive heart attacks from this surprise fan service. Hahaha. We also chanted “we are one!”a couple the times, as well as “Taoris” multiple times teeheehee… Then shoving and pushing got worse. We were swaying left and right over 5-6 feet a couple of times due to people pushing from the sides. It was as if we were trapped in a turbulent ocean. The MC warned us a couple of times, then Kris stood up to tell us to be careful and take a few steps back because he didn’t want us to get hurt. That was extremely sweet of him. Some people started chanting “one step two step three step four~” hahahaha. We couldn’t move that much because of all these people around us trapping us in. Fortunately I didn’t feel like my safety was being threatened because there were literally 0 room to move your arms and legs, especially near the front. Even if I wanted to fall I wouldn’t have been able to because of all these people packed like sardines. It was the most crowded fansign out of all the groups. Haha. Call me immature but there were some middle-aged-elderly men getting autographs on stage, that brought up some of the desperation and frustration I felt about the vouchers earlier because they didn’t even look like they were that excited at all. They probably got passed those vouchers by staff members in random without even being an EXOtic. I ran around the whole day and didn’t get a single voucher… now as I’m recalling this event on my longggg flight back to the midwest, it felt even more unsettling. Why is that some non-EXOtics got vouchers and some of us most dedicated fans were left hanging without a warning? Especially if we were given false hope in the beginning… Okay, no more complaints about KCON… I understand that it’s their first time organizing this event.
Back to happy stuff. Kris ordered all the members to stand up for the entire Q&A session so everybody could see them(this made it easier for my poor sore cam-holding arms). He also made shout-outs to the poor fans in the back, and made sure they could see the boys on little stage. Man… Duizhang was just radiating with warmth~~~~~! You can definitely tell how genuinely caring he is as a person by these little gestures. So much charisma!!! I was smitten. The languages spoken during Q&A was a hot mess. Hahah there was Canadian English, Asian Engrish, Chinese, and fluent and non-fluent Korean. Thankfully I could at least understand the Chinese and English/Engrish parts. Tao was being super shy and cute when he spoke in broken Korean. He’s really just an innocent 19-year-old off stage, contrasting with his powerful and fierce stage image. By the time it was for them to go, there was more pushing and shoving. My dress was soaked, and my curled hair fell flat and frizzy, my face flushed, and there were various stains of who-knows-what on my dress. The 4minute and G.Na posters we bought for our fanboy friends were wrinkled, stained, and edges tattered(sorry guys… we tried our best trying to keep them protected) I’m sure that my friend and I, along with many others, came out of the tent looking like we’ve just been through a rough battlefield. Lol But it was SOOOO worth it. Seeing my EXO-M babies in person was the highlight of my day.
We hovered around the tent and stayed for the 4Minute session. There were significantly fewer people in the crowd, and most are fanboys. XD The screams and cheers registered on the lower-pitch scale, which was a nice change since our eardrums were probably bleeding from the early EXO-M session, We had a lot more room and fanboys weren’t as pushy either so we thoroughly enjoyed the event.
Now that the event we came for was over, we had 2 hours to kill. First, i went around asking for iphone chargers because our tickets to the concert were stored on my phone. A nice staff member at the preorder merchandise booth was almost going to help me because he had a charger with him… then his manager came out and stopped everything in action. Grrrr. I asked a bunch of booths, and even sat down at the videogame booth with all the game-playing dudes to ask for a charger… the videogame guys were really nice and tried to text and find friends with chargers… however all efforts led to no avail…. Finally, we went to the non-preorder merchandise booth. I am ashamed to admit that I used the puppy eye and smile approach to get the two staff members to help me charge my phone under the table…. But it was an urgent matter! lol I needed to retrieve my concert tickets and have enough battery life to take pix and vids of the concert… The staff member at the booth hey were super nice and let me charge my phone… and told me not to tell anybody else about this. I am forever grateful… T.T while waiting for my phone to be chared. We decided to go sit at the workshop #1 tent to rest up. Little did we know, there was a YouTube star autograph session going on! We happened to near the front where the line was forming so my friend and I were like what the hell, let’s line up and get some autographs since we didn’t get any from the fansign tent. Lol So even if we didn’t know some of them that well, we got to take pictures with every single one from Ellen Kim to AJ Raphael to Dumbfounded to Jen from From Head to Toe. Jen was super sweet, I love her and her videos! :)
Later we went on over to the main stage where Chad Future was performing. I’ve got to say, it was a pretty good performance! The dancing was on point, Chad and his co-artists were very energetic and had strong stage presences. We were swaying side to side to the music, and just simply enjoying ourselves. However, I noticed that we were one of the few doing so…most people were just standing there without much movement… It was a little awkward considering how much energy was radiating from the stage. I guess people were becoming tired from the day long event.
At this point out feet were killing us so we sat down near the concert venue entrance till concert time…. Amazingness ensues… had so much fun at the concert. Pictures and fan account about the concert coming up in part 2!

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